Poster presentation

Poster presentation

The Tropical Benthic Ecology research group, marked presence through the presentation of one more work published by Trycia Ciellen Lima de Sousa, member of our team, entitled:

Occurrence of Electrophorus electricus (Linnaeus, 1766) (Gymnotiformes: Gymnotidae) in the Igarapé Praquiquara, Castanhal, State of Pará

The present work was published during the IX Amazonian Meeting of Agrarians – ENAAG, which is an event coordinated by students of the Federal Rural University of the Amazon. The presented work is part of the article entitled: First record of the electric fish Electrophorus electricus (Linnaeus, 1766) (Gymnotiformes: Gymnotidae) in the Praquiquara igarapé, Castanhal, Pará State, which has already been published by Chagas et al. 2017, in the international journal Acta of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

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